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DB Recovery+ UKESAD 2023 presentations for delegates

Dear Delegates,

Thank you so much for your attendance and support towards the conference – and for the wonderfully high-scoring delegate evaluation forms. We found this a magical occasion and are delighted that you found it useful and informative as well as enjoyable. Thank you also to the significant number of you who have already registered for 2024!

Our primary goal was to increase skills and understanding of addiction-recovery issues and to introduce and provide resources and contacts to support your work. The presenters did an outstanding job of sharing their expertise with you across vital topics. If you would like to contact a presenter, please see the links below with their slides and contact information.

You were a great group and your enthusiasm and positive spirit made our time
together both productive and fun. Thank you.

Deirdre + all the conference team


For your ease, we reduced file size as much as possible.

David Best – Inclusive recovery cities

Max Cohen – Self care

Ed Day -UK National Recovery Survey

Maks Ezrin – Youth prevention

Paula Hall – Sex offending

Jim Holsomback – Supporting families

Tamara Howell – International Therapy Practice

Keith Humphreys – Addiction, consequences, recovery

Phil Jackman – Therapeutic alliance in treatment

John Kelly – AA spiritual, religion, neither

Lou Lebentz – Trauma

Judith Mohring – Hormones and addiction

Derek Price – Physical injury, Mental health

John Read – Withdrawal symptoms, services

David Sidwick PCC – Complexity, cohesion, combating drugs

Jason Thompson – Next in mental health

Steve Valle – NAADAC certification

The remaining presenters did not offer slides.