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All our publications are dedicated to saving lives through disseminating information on how to recover from addiction, and giving carers a forum: for support and validation, to exchange news, developments and best practice. We bring you cutting-edge information and a few items which are older but also the most authoritative available. What they have in common is that they withstand the test of time and are practical: hints and tips you can use today, in a week or a month with clients. Research and experience show that they work.

To leave a legacy, invest in people, and encourage those you develop to pass on everything they learn from you to others who will do the same. That’s the philosophy of the experts in this publication and the publishers: to leave a lifesaving legacy of recovery. Achievement comes to people who can do great things for themselves; success comes when they lead followers to do great things for them – but a legacy is created only when leaders enable people to do great things without them.

This is also the most effective way to give healthy life choices to people with dependencies. We hope to help you… Gain confidence in handling clients with complex needs… Prevent relapse… Break destructive intergenerational patterns… Know when to refer and who you can safely refer to… Discover new colleagues… and find sources of help from our Directories of mutual-aid groups and treatment centres

Deirdre Boyd, editor and publisher

DB (Deirdre Boyd) Recovery Resources dedicates decades of recovery expertise to bring you the UK’s premier journal on how to recover from addiction – Recovery Plus – which is published 11 times a year online, each of which has a guaranteed minimum 2million views a year (via DB News, and elsewhere). To bring you print copies of each issue, for both experts and those who register to learn more, DB Recovery Resources teamed up with entrepreneur George Powell, under the banner of Boyd Powell Publications.

I have been involved with the recovery community for the past 20 years and have met amazing people and heard many inspirational stories of people who have overcome tremendous adversity in their lives.

In 2015, Summit Diagnostics sent a team to the Recovery Plus conference in London. We were so impressed with the quality of the show, organisation, networking opportunities and quality of speakers – that we had to be involved. We felt/feel that this conference and the online Recovery Plus publications are a fantastic way to keep up with the events that shape this industry and to contribute to the recovery effort of the many professionals in the UK and US. Indeed, I became such a fan that I decided to invest! I have taken on the role of co-publisher with one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable experts in the business, Deirdre Boyd.

We bring you, free of charge, the Recovery Plus journals in print, as requested by so many readers of the online version, who like to carry it with them. It is our goal to provide professionals in our industry with the ability to keep abreast of up-to-date information that influences the worldwide epidemic of addiction and the efforts of addiction medical professionals treating this disorder.

We want to give our readers a chance to network with each other and to share experiences that help shape the future of treatment. Join our exciting adventure! ”

George Powell, copublisher-print Recovery Plus journal