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Hazelden Publishing partners with international recovery advocate

Hazelden Publishing has announced a partnership with the addiction recovery organisation DB Recovery Resources (dba DB Recovery+). The new partnership will provide greater awareness and access internationally to Hazelden Publishing’s addiction recovery resources and services, which span the full continuum of care – from prevention, intervention and treatment to recovery management.

Click official announcement: Hazelden-DBrecovery announcement – Feb 2018

The mission of DB Recovery+, led by addiction recovery expert Deirdre Boyd, is to educate and advocate for those with the disease of addiction. The organisation’s annual DB Recovery+ conference coincides with World Drug Day and brings experts from around the globe together in London. At the 2017 conference, two of Hazelden Publishing’s authors, Dr Eva Hoch (CANDIS Curriculum, A Marijuana Treatment Program) and Donna Johnson (The Matrix Model), participated by presenting their latest research and best practices. Outside of the conference, DB Recovery+ keeps constituents informed on the latest addiction recovery news through a daily e-newsletter and a quarterly update in the Recovery Plus print journal and e-mag.

“Hazelden Publishing deserves its prestigious reputation. We are delighted to be a part of bringing its resources to people seeking help to recover – and stay recovered – from addiction. It provides a winning recipe of cutting-edge research and evidence-based methods which have withstood the test of time,” said Boyd. “When I was in treatment almost 27 years ago, I read Hazelden books and I still turn to them for solutions. We want to pay this forward and make those resources accessible to more people seeking help for alcohol, drugs and other addictive behaviours. We at DB Recovery+ partner and promote only products that we believe in 100%.”

Joe Jaksha, Publisher and Vice President of Hazelden Publishing, said, “We are honored by the opportunity to partner with DB Recovery+. Boyd is a renowned leader in recovery advocacy and education. By combining her organisation’s reach in the UK and beyond with our extensive resources, we will be able to make a real difference in the landscape of treatment and recovery internationally.”

Jill Grindahl, Hazelden Publishing’s Director of Channel Partners, began working with Boyd after learning that DB Recovery+ disseminations and the DB Recovery+ conference provide the leading way for international treatment professionals to collaborate across borders.

“Building relationships that allow us to serve more people is the best part of my job,” Grindahl said. “After meeting Deirdre Boyd, it was clear why she and her team at DB Recovery+ are referred to as ‘the glue that brings addiction professionals together’ in the UK and beyond. We quickly agreed that both our organisations could be stronger by working more closely together.”


All orders over £99 earn you a Directory or Classified advertisement in Recovery Plus journal, print and online, worth £99. After you have ordered, simply confirm which you would like with TheTeam@DBrecoveryresources.com.


About Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is a force of healing and hope for individuals, families and communities affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs. It is the nation’s leading nonprofit treatment provider, with a legacy that began in 1949 and includes the 1982 founding of the Betty Ford Center. With 17 sites in California, Minnesota, Oregon, Illinois, New York, Florida, Massachusetts, Colorado and Texas, the Foundation offers prevention and recovery solutions nationwide and across the entire continuum of care to help youth and adults reclaim their lives from the disease of addiction. It includes the largest recovery publishing house in the country, a fully accredited graduate school of addiction studies, an addiction research center, an education arm for medical professionals and a unique children’s program, and is the nation’s leader in advocacy and policy for treatment and recovery. Learn more at HazeldenBettyFord.org and on Twitter at @hazldnbettyford.

About DB Recovery+
DB Recovery Resources publishes the DB Recovery+ newsletter which goes to about 9,400 relevant people every weekday (or weekly if desired), as well as the print Recovery Plus journal and e-mag. It also convenes and educates the addiction treatment and recovery field at the DB Recovery+ symposium and conference to coincide with World Drug Day, 26 [+25] June in London.